The Red Cape Boys

Dal Richards at Empire Stadium half time show ’60s

Some well known alumni from the Kitsilano Boys Band:

Gordon McCullough, Clif Bryson, Roy Johnston, Gordon Delamont, Dal Richards, Jim McCulloch, Don Radelet, Jimmy Pattison, Ray Smith, Ron Collier, Kenny Douglas, Brian Bolam, Donny Clarke, Bing Thom, Arnie Chycoski. Bob Calder, Bill Millerd, Bill Ingeldew, Bob Buckley, Richard Van Slyke, Bill Inman, Malcolm Brodie, Marek Norman, Dave Calder, Tom Walker…


What makes some people successful and others not? There are
lots of theories going around but one thing that successful
people seem to all have in common is that they were usually
inspired at an early age to excel. Call it a role model if you like,
but it is more than that. We can all think of someone who was a
role model in our lives.I believe it has to do with experiencing
success ourselves at an early age which makes us always want
to aspire to that level and beyond throughout our lives.
Such was the case with the fellows you will read about in, The
Red Cape Boys. They all belonged to the Worlds Most Famous
Boys Band at some point during the fifty-year history of the band.
The band was the most successful band of its kind in history,
winning over 200 championship awards. When they were in the
band, they were all between the ages of 8 and 18. When they left
the band they all went on to individual careers in many fields,
accounting, teaching, music, the military, government and so on.
Five of them received the Order Of Canada. What makes their
stories even more remarkable is that they were all inspired by
the same man, the conductor of the band.

Read about the life journeys of twenty-seven prominent and
successful Canadians, who went on to have wonderful lives and
very successful careers but never forgot the man who inspired
them all!

Read about  their first encounters with the legendary conductor
and founder of the band, Arthur Delamont,  the trips they went on,
other fellows in the band that they knew, their lives after the band,
and how the whole experience influenced their lives, some 30,
40 or 50 years after they were known as, the red cape boys……

Published by: Warfleet Press
Release Date: Copies available
Pages: 410
ISBN13: 978-0-9812574-9-5

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