Book Launches



I am putting together a committee (LEVEL 1) for Faye Leung’s Book Launch & Gala later this year on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 4 to 8 pm, location TBA. There are several levels that people can get involved. Tickets are $50 and each table seats 10, so $500 total for a table. This includes admission to the event, a copy of her book, coffee, tea and sandwiches and entertainment: speakers, MC, music, skits etc.

LEVEL 1 (Committee)
I know 10 people who I think could easily sell 2 tables. Committee members will be able to speak briefly about their organization at the event.  I am also going to put together a free program for people and advertise each of the 10s organizations.
I only know maybe 10 people that might be able to sell 5 tables.
I do not know any others who could sell tables but I will take one myself for me and my friends.
I would just like a seat at one of the tables.
Let me know if you will be participating below and at which level?
 The goal is to sell 200 tables so we have 2000 people at the gala.
No time is required other than if you want to come to a committee meeting to meet everyone.
Let me know if you want to participate in our efforts to honour Faye Leung!




On January 21st, 2015 we held a book launch party for Sid Fattedad’s new book, An Insider’s Story of the Rise and Fall of Canadian Airlines at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver. Guests started arriving at 4:30 and stayed until 7pm. In all there were between 80 and 100 people in attendance. Most were former employees of Canadian Airlines. Highlights of the evening included a presentation of a CP Air orange goodies bag. Sid spoke for twenty minutes about his book. The evening was very successful. The following evening another gathering took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond where another 100 former Canadian employees gathered for a reunion.


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