Mission Statement

My interests as a writer/publisher lie in three areas:
1. Promoting and supporting public school music programs
2. Promoting and supporting native youth projects
3. Promoting and supporting minorities and minority rights
1. Promoting and supporting public school music programs:
Over a twenty-five year period, I wrote and published six books on Arthur Delamont and his bands. For these books, I interviewed 160 former band members from the thirties through the seventies. These included: Jimmy Pattison, Bing Thom, Stan Smith (son of Ray Smith MacBlo), Bill Millerd, Bob Buckley, Malcolm Brodie etc.
I am writing and publishing a series of books on B.C. Music Educators. The first one came out in 2016 and is called Hearts, Minds & Souls, Book 1, BC. Music Educator’s Series. Two more will be out next year in 2023 called, And The Angels Sing, Book 2, B.C. Music Educator’s Series and All The Young Guns, Book 3, The Millenials, B.C. Music Educator’s Series.
I started the School Music Book Project in 2015 to raise money and awareness for public school music programs. The first two books in that series is now available called The Handsworth Music Dynasty in North Vancouver with Bob Rebagliati. The second book on D.W. Poppy Music may be out in 2023. This project develops a book on the school’s music program and matches it with an alumni Facebook group to raise funds annually for the said program. I have interviewed so far for this particular project about 100 music educators.
I presently have over 1000 people in different Facebook groups all over BC and Canada working with me on this project. A Foundation has been started to carry on this important work.
I compiled and published The Kitsilano Showboat, The 50th Anniversary, for Bea and Barry Leinbach and also The British Columbia Beefeater Band, A biography of Gordon Olson. Both are available but limited editions and we now have as well the 87th Anniversary Book on the Showboat. Both of these books are picture/coffee table books.
2. Promoting and supporting native youth projects:
In 2009, I made a trip to northern BC and Alaska and visited and interviewed 200 native artists. In 2017 I published my memoirs of that trip called The Train To Haida Gwaii. It not only includes artists but first nations museums, hotels, galleries and other Native-owned businesses.
One day I hope to start a series of picture books on native artists in Haida Gwaii called The Native Artists of Haida Gwaii. The book will be used to raise money for native youth programs. It will be followed by subsequent books on S.E. Alaska, Anchorage and northern Alaska. With this series, I will be working with the U of A in Alaska and Fairbanks as well as the U of ASE in Juneau. I will also be working with the Alaska Museum at Rasmussen, the Alaska Native Hospital and about 20 Alaska Native corporations (Alaska is much more organized regarding Native support groups). A Foundation may be set up to carry on this important work as well.
3. Promoting and supporting Minorities and Minority Rights.
Faye Leung’s book Faye – The Face of Multicultural Canada is now available, 2022.. A second book, her picture book, Hats & Styles,  may follow at some point if funding is received for this project. Faye’s books are a legacy of minority discrimination in Canada and her efforts to change Canadian society which she did over eight decades.
In 2015 I wrote and published My Greek Barber’s Diary. It is a collection of stories about Greek and Jewish businessmen in downtown Vancouver during the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties as told through the eyes of Jimmy Pattison’s barber, Joe Segal’s barber and Sid Belzberg’s barber, George Chronopoulos.
In 2016, Sid Fattedad’s autobiography called The Rise and Fall of Canadian Airlines  came out. Sid is of Hong Kong-born Chinese/Iranian lineage. While I did not write this book I heavily edited it and published it. It became a best seller by today’s standards selling over 1000 hardcover copies. It too belongs to minorities. While not about a race of people Canadian was heavily discriminated against by the Canadian government in favour of Air Canada which partly led to its demise.
My last two books are a couple of my memoirs which came out last year and are on a lighter note:
Jogging the Caribbean and
Jogging Portugal & Spain.
* In all I have interviewed over 500 people for my various projects and books in the past twenty-five years.
*There are also some 10 websites that support these different projects.

*Books on Unique British Columbians’*